If you can grow dandelions,

I’ll show you a little niche backyard or

basement plant home biz

that lets you rake in so much cash,

that you’ll think you’re sprouting

instant money plants!


     And cash buyers practically trip over each other to gladly pay you up to $99 a pound. Good

thing the highest demand crop yielding an average of $11.66 per square foot springs up faster

than summer time weeds so you get high yield harvests for delivery to eager buyers in just a


     No . . . it’s not pot or magic mushrooms . . . anything shady or against the law. But it is a perfectly legal way to make big time easy money - full time, part time or any time you like. Spring time, summer time, fall time or year round.

     It’s not strange exotic hydroponic plants in water filled plastic tubes or leaky float beds. It could hardly be simpler or easier. And it sure ain’t those veggies and fruits most gardeners try to make a few bucks with.

     You just scatter a few seeds then mostly sit back and wait for your next batch of money plants to be ready to pass on to those waiting customers with cash in hand. In the meantime you just carry on doing the normal things you do... a regular job, being a home maker or a senior retiree... go shopping, fishing, whatever you like. Taking a peek every once in a while on your little money plants getting ready for those awaiting cash buyers.

     Sound like a dream money maker for anyone who likes gardening or would like to start?

It sure is!  My wife and I banked $4,164.00 our first 12 weeks with just 2 of the 7 niche small space cash crops. I show and tell you all about these 2 plus 7 more money makers in my new “Big $$$ Small Gardening” book.

     Get your copy of “Big $$$ Small Gardening” before anyone else in your area gets a chance by sending for it today. It’s got easy how-to follow instructions and lot’s of photos. You can begin pocketing big time cash in just days with any or all of the 7 niche small space crops. Take 4 months, 120 days, to prove you can make “Big $$$ Small Gardening”. If you don‘t agree you are, simply return the book for a full refund.

     Ready to get started making “Big $$$ Small Gardening”? Just fill out “No Risk Reply Form” on the enclosed sheet with the gardener holding a box full of instant money plants, and drop it in the mail today!

Ned Johnson

P.S. “Big $$$ Small Gardening” covers everything you need to have your own successful part time or full time niche backyard garden, basement or garage plant home biz. But just in case you ever have any questions, I’m available to answer them anytime - you get free lifetime consultation.

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